Full Product Range

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Ballet Barres

Portable and fixed ballet barres built to order. Canted or straight; double or single; floor fixed or wall fixed.


Rostrum singular. Rostra plural: Basic portable flat-pack stage units. Standard sizes: 1200 x 1800. Tops are 300, 600 or 900 high. Can also be supplied in custom sizes and shapes.

Drapes & Masking

house curtain

All standard theatre drapes from Velvet House Curtains to Cycloramas; Black wool masking; gauzes and scrims.

Curtain Tracks

The STAGECRAFT 100, 200 & 300 Series Track Systems are ideal for studio and theatre applications where robust, smooth running tracking is required.

Counterweight Rigging Systems

The STAGECRAFT Counterweight Flying System is ideal for the scenery, masking and other flying requirement in medium to large theatres.

Curtain Motors

Stagecraft builds both Helical groove drum and Capstan drive curtain motors catering for all entertainment and commercial applications.

Cyclorama Tensioning Systems

The STAGECRAFT Studio Cyclorama Side Tensioning System is ideal for situations where a cyclorama is used regularly.

Lighting Bars

Stagecraft developed the SLX Modular Lighting Bar to meet the increasingly stringent compliance challenges for electrical and mechanical safety.

AirFlo Sprung Flooring System

The STAGECRAFT AirFlo floor system provides an economical, hard-wearing dance and drama surface which can be installed in new or retrofit situations.

Electric Hoists

Helical groove and Pile-Wind winches with comprehensive control systems and fully compliant and tailored for each application.

Patch Panels

Patch Panels, Stage Boxes (traps), are among a host of products available.